Team of Shimshali People (Pakistan stage, 2010)

Pavalache Stelian Nicolae was born in 3 august 1976 at Urziceni, Romania and working now as a photographer, programming  engineer, web developer & graphic designer. Founder and developper of the Satwa Guna (illusion of forms) International Project, the only major worldwide project in which photography catches the unity in diversity of universal spirituality.

Member and founder of Extrem Alpin Association, member of STUD FILM Asc., Romanian Alpin Club Asc., honorary member of ECO Bacau Asc.

Senior photographer for PhotoDesign Studio, Photo editor and Senior photographer for Agency- Stock Photography (Dreamstime LLC United States).

Working exclusively with equipment.

Working as a freelancer photographer for about 9 years: on assignments with newspappers, magazines, media campaigns, CO., radio&tv channels, advertising company, events, photography database. (Nikon, FujiFilm, Epson, Yama Studio, National Geographic Romania, Descopera (Discovery), Digital Photo magazine, PDN magazine, Photomagazine, MediaFax (premium contributor), Jurnalul National, Romania Libera, Ziua, Adevarul, Cotidianul, Libertatea, Ziarul, Evenimentul Zilei, Puls de Ialomita, Jurnalul de Arges, B24Fun, AlpinClimb, Alpin, Knox magazine(extreme sports magazine).  Tv channels: Tvr (1,2,3), Tvr Cultural & International, ProTv, Antena 1, MediaPro. Radio cast: Sud Est, Radio Guerilla, Radio Iasi, Delta Rfi, Radio Romania Actualitati, Peru embassy,  etc)

I’m the founder and developer of the Satwa Guna (illusion of forms) International Project, the only major worldwide project in which photography catches the unity in diversity of universal spirituality,  with the following representation in the Romanian and international media. Web site of the project

Photo Exhibition:

  • Photo Exhibition 2009 – Satwa Guna III (Form Illusion) – Carturesti Library – Timisoara
  • Photo Exhibition 2009 – Satwa Guna III (Form Illusion) – Carturesti Library – Cluj
  • Photo Exhibition 2009 – Satwa Guna III (Form Illusion) – Photo Art Gallery – Oradea
  • Photo Exhibition 2009 – Satwa Guna III (Form Illusion) – Best FotoFest – Bucharest
  • Photo Exhibition 2009 – Satwa Guna III (Form Illusion) – Best FotoFest – Brasov
  • Photo Exhibition 2008 – Satwa Guna II (Khampucea People stage) – Gold on ”My Photo-Reportage” contest, ”Discovery” magazine, Bucharest, Romania
  • Photo Exhibition 2008 – Satwa Guna II (Form Illusion) – Village Museum – Bucharest
  • Photo Exhibition 2008 – Satwa Guna I (Searching for INCA) – Zvonimir Art Gallery , 33 Bauerova, Zagreb – Croatia
  • Photo Exhibition 2007 – Satwa Guna II (Form Illusion) – International partnership of attorneys Norr Stiefenhofer Lutz- Egantia Bank – Bucharest
  • Photo Exhibition 2006 – National Project – “Pune-te in locul meu” – Photo Art Gallery of Army House – Bucharest
  • Photo Exhibition 2006 – Satwa Guna I (Searching for INCA) Satwa Guna – Photo Art Gallery of Pogor House – Iasi
  • Photo Exhibition 2006 – Satwa Guna I (Searching for INCA) Satwa Guna – Cultural center Ionel Perlea – Slobozia
  • Photo Exhibition 2005 – Satwa Guna I (Searching for INCA) Satwa Guna – National Theatre Bucharest – Romania
  • Photo Exhibition 2005 – Satwa Guna I (Searching for INCA) Satwa Guna – Town hall of Pitesti city

Working as a freelancer  cameraman for about 4 years.

  • – Cameraman & video editor for NexComp Himalaya Expedition 2004 (broadcast on ProTv & Antena1 TV channels).
  • – Cameraman & video editor for Qeuchua People project (documentary movie) 2005 (broadcast on Tvr1, Tvr2, Tvr Cultural & Tvr International TV channels).

Expeditions (climber, photographer & cameraman):

  • – 2009  Satwa Guna III expedition –  Kashmir, Laos, Ladakh
  • – 2008  Satwa Guna III expedition – Thailanda, Laos, Cambodia,Vietnam
  • – 2007 Satwa Guna II expedition – China (WudangShan), Tibet, India (Varanasi), Nepal (Kathmandu)
  • – 2006 Alps expedition (North Wall) – Vf. Groβglockner  (3980m)
  • – 2005 Peru expedition (Satwa Guna I) –  vf. Chopichalqui (6354 m)
  • – 2004 Tien Shan expedition (Satwa Guna I) – vf. Khan Tengri (7010 m)
  • – 2003 Cucaz expedition – Nakra Tau (4441 m), Volnaya Espain (4200 m), Uluh Tau (4218 m ),  Belalakaya (3861 m )
  • – 2002 Alps expedition (North Wall) –  Matterhorn (4478 m Alpii Elvetieni) via Hornly Ridge
  • – 2001 Caucaz expedition – Elbrus (5642 m), attempting of solo climbing the on South Peak of Mount  Ushba (4710 m)

Ana-Maria Pavalache was born in 11 september 1981 and works actually as a scientific collaborator in the SME and Entrepreneurship Institute of Haute Ecole de Gestion (HEG) in Fribourg, Switzerland. Parallel she participates at the master program in Entrepreneurship (Innovation and Growth) at the same institution.

– Member of Club Alpin Moleson, Switzerland
– Member Centre Yang Chengfu de Tai Chi Chuan, Switzerland
– Member of SCI Romania
–  Cofounder of ”Rotaract Pontus Euxinus Constanta”

Working exclusively with equipment.

  • 2003  Rib of Egee sea expedition – Oceanic Club
  • 2007 ”Developing Socially Responsible Leaders” Black Sea Youth Congress – Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 2007  Volunteer camp ”Renovation, Painting and cleaning of the school, Environmental Awareness, Peace Education” SCI Nepal, Dhunkharka, Panauti
  • 2008  Satwa Guna III expedition – Thailanda, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam
  • 2009  Satwa Guna IV expedition – Ladakh, Kashmir

Mirza Ali was born in July 10, 1983, a student (gradate from Karachi university in Business Management) and freelance mountaineer, is the youngest Pakistani mountaineer from the Hunza/Shimshal in the Karakorum frontier valley of Pakistan. From the time of his birth among the mountains and glaciers of the Karakorum/Shimshal (3300m), he became involved in the mountaineering life, and over time, it has enriched his blood.

The craze, love and passion for mountaineering have all grown many times over as he grew older. His first climb, the 6050m peak of Mingligh Sar, is a record due to his being the youngest person in Pakistan to climb any peak that high. This accomplishment has since pushed him time and again to go for more ventures despite having almost no resources, and at times permission. There was even a time when he hardly had leather shoes to climb in much less plastic climbing boots! His love, passion and respect for adventure and mountains are unparalleled and unmatched to any other hobbies in his life.

This love for mountains has now pushed him to go for some life time dreams which have manifested themselves in his mind and heart for the last several years. These life dreams starting right after undertaking several 6000+m climbs! Beside his objective to promote mountain adventure among youth, his top goal and life objective is to climb all fourteen 8000m peaks in the world and to become the first Pakistani climber to accomplish this.

He hopes this will allow him to serve as a role model for the coming generation and that it will encourage the young people to become involved in adventure sports. He wants to be an adventure ambassador of Pakistan, just like the great Nazir Sabir, first Pakistani Mount Everest summiteers, and to use that role to bring peaceful relationships with other adventure communities.

Samina Khayal (pakistani women climber)

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  1. Mirza ali says:

    waw this is going to be a fantastic event and trip! just chillllll out! 🙂
    best of Luck and cheers!


  2. Khaliq says:

    Dear Mirza,
    I was pleased to read about your ambitions. Wish you best of luck.



  3. This site is great! I am gonna put this in the bookmarks before I misplace the address I don’t believe I’ll ever find my way back again otherwise 🙂

  4. Sissel says:

    :-))) Great , Good luck .
    Wish you all the best Mirza ……..


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