Preparations for the departure

articol scris de Simina Cernat

One day and 14 hours left…and a thousand of things to do….

But, since we have the China visa, everything is ok. The time we have wasted in front of the Embassy of China, in the sun and the noise of a pseudo-construction team that didn’t do anything apart from noise worth it. Last Tuesday we went at 9:30 in the morning to hand in the papers for the visa. There were 10-15 persons in front of us, but at 12, when the program was finished, we were still outside. Thursday, at 8:30 we were in front of the Embassy. But, some other people were there earlier.

We have waited for 4 hours and finally we entered (the last persons who had this luck). But the consul wasn’t ok with our aplication.He became irritate and he refused to receive our papers because we didn’t have the tickets that should show the day we would leave China. Unfortunately, we had to go again Tuesday. At 7:30 we were in front of the door. But the 17 people in front of us weren’t a too friendly view for us. While we were waited, the guard called Stelian’s name.

He remembered that we have already waited for 10 hours and he thought we deserved to finally get our visas. This time I was the one with the papers and  seemingly, the consul was pleased to help a smiling girl to get her visa. So, today, after one more hour of waiting, we’ve got our passports with our visas and a biiiig smile.

After the China thing, we went to the pharmacy to get the medicine for the travel…it’s expensive to be health. Now it’s time for a simulation of packing, the list with things to do and a lot of pacience. The house is full with photo equipment, papers and clothes.

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